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"I did not come to save anyone or stop the lapidation of anyone but to bring the knowledge of salvation." -Manoel Jacintho Coehlo



Manoel Jacintho Coelho was born on December 30th In the old Federal District on Rua Baroa de Iguatemi, in Matoso, Rio De Janeiro Brazil.

He is the exponent of the Rational Culture of the Rational Phase of the third Millenium. He initiated the work "Universe in Disenchantment" on October 4, 1935, on which he dedicated his whole life.

The base of the Rational Culture is to remember the origin of the human being by the development of reasoning. This work has been translated into various languages in various countries and throughout the whole world. Many principal cities and various municipalities in Brazil officially commemorate "The Day of the Rational Culture" Various organizations National and International conferred distinction to the author of these books.

He has received various titles. Of the many honors and titles he has received the most outstanding are the Medal of Honor of liberty, received in 1986 in the presence of the president of Brazil Dr. Jose Sarney in San Joao Rei, Minas Gerias and the Medal of Cultural Merit named after Jose Da Costa conferred by the association of Inter-American Journalists.

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