Universe in Disenchantment
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The knowledge of the return to the origin of the human being:

"Man is a vague animal without destiny who was born on this ground without knowing why or what for".

This is the discovery of the two worlds the electric and magnetic where we inhabit and the other one of the RATIONAL PLAIN from where we went out and gave consequence to this one where we live.

This book provides us with the awareness we need to transcend through our alleged reality of quintessentially opposite, dualistic-monism entities. It provides the essence for us to understand our existence in here by awakening our true-being, higher self, or God within. This Work is a potion for the soul, rather than an exercise for the intellect. You must read this Work with the intellect in the background. This Work acknowledges that we go much beyond our mere thoughts and that we are, essentially, infinite. It is mal-constructed in its grammar, uses a vocabulary outside the norms, and has no logic flow to it. It offends the intellect. This Work, however, strengthens the soul. Because the soul knows no intellect and has no boundaries, it lives free of the space-time prison. The soul lives the moment and this Work is the archetype of that. When you read this book, each word, each phrase, each sentence, each piece is self-sufficient. You need no point, no progression toward a goal, no final conclusion. Each piece in this Work cares only for the moment and provides you with what you need at that time. Read this book with an open heart, reap the benefits of its teachings, and sow it back to others. When your cup starts overflowing, reach out and show others what the true path to heaven is. Our salvation has finally come and we are all part of it.

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