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The time passes and everything passes with time, and thus, the evolution of the deformation and Rational degeneration. Passed the phase of the first millennium, that was the phase of savages, of monsters large and small. This phase passed first. Ended this phase, entered the phase of civilization, the second phase, a phase of the second millennium. Passed this phase entered the phase of the third millennium, the Rational phase. Of the Rational phase, all will return to the RATIONAL WORLD. Then everything passes and everything passed and everything is passing, to reach its true place, that is of Rationals, pure,clean and perfect, in the RATIONAL WORLD.

And thus, is the evolution natural of nature in transformation, for being a deformed nature. in degeneration. Then, all passes, for all is outside of its place; and for this there they are deformed and degenerated. All and everyone of the passing.

Thus, like everyone has their transformations, nature also moves through its transformation, because everything transforms itself so it can arrive to what it was: Rationals, pure, clean and perfect.

And, thus came the nature of this deformed world, passing through all this natural transition of the deformation in transformation. Thus is the life of everyone: going through various transformations and various metamorphoses. Because of this, the person today is one thing tomorrow transforms themselves into an other and later another and like this successively. The life of the person goes transforming itself in various periods of transformation, so that everything in time, with these transformations, return to their true place, that is the RATIONAL WORLD.

The way that everything is born, grows, flowers and disappears, transforming itself in other lives, in other forms, in other manners. Like this, the day transforms into night and the night transforms into day. The Nature thus, announcing the changes and the transformations. The moon announcing the transformations. New: first Crescent: second. Full: superior Waning: the beginning of the rebirth of everything. Then, diminishing, one phase; new the other phase; crescent, the other phase and full. Another phase announcing the transformations of nature. The quarters of the moon, announce the transformation: Waning: the first cycle of the deformation New: the second cycle of the deformation. Crescent: The third cycle of the deformation. And full: the final point of the deformation that transforms itself new. Of the new transforms itself in crescent. Of the crescent transforms itself full. Of the full transforms itself in waning. And of the waning transforms new.

In this manner nature announcing much more the transformations of everything that exist, because everything transforms itself Nothing dies nor does anything end, because everything transforms and transforming does not end. Until it reaches to its definitive end, with the change of everything to its true world the RATIONAL WORLD.

And thus, nature showing that everything transforms. Thus, the diminishing continues until the end. When it finishes, transforms itself in rebirth to a new moon. And there comes into sight the new moon. Everything transforms itself and being always the same, because the seed is the same, In all sectors of the deformed nature, are these transformations. And in the transformations the degeneration's come much weaker and with multiplication of the degeneration's, come the disappearance of everything because after being so weak does not have much power to generate and transform itself to what it was.

For that reason is transforming in other inferior beings in categories or classes that they were. For example: the human being goes degenerating goes multiplying, each time more degenerated, each time more weak, goes waning, diminishing, weakening until getting to the point of weakness by the multiplication of the degeneration. Reaches the point of being so weak you do not have more conditions to generate to the same class, the same category.

Example: The Rational animal class not having any more conditions to generate in that class, then passes to an inferior class, generating inferiors. And there, goes through all of the inferior hierarchy, goes through an infinity of inferior classes, because everything that degenerates, weakens and diminishes and with time, disappears that class and that category that was so weakened by the degeneration's, losing the action to continue and generate this or the other class, this or the other category. Then for that reason, by its weakness, the class lowers, to the inferior classes.

For example, from the Rational animal, passes to the irrational animal, to the inferior class. Then from there the class goes descending always passing through a number of inferior classes. The progress of the degeneration that reigns in everything. In everything, that belongs to the land, because the land also degenerates itself And because of this, today she is fertile, gives of everything and with the continuation of your planting it weakens, producing, degenerating, replanting, degenerating, replanting, degenerating and thus it goes, until she has no more force to produce what is planted, transforming itself in death for it gives nothing else, remains arid. And there, goes transforming itself giving other things, producing other beings of categories much weaker, other beings of classes more weak. And thus is everything.

Then, comes the end of the Rational animal category, by way of the progress of degeneration. And like this comes the extinction of all of humanity by the progress of degeneration Everything that degenerates itself weakens, diminishes and with time, with the multiplication, disappears. Then there they go to the inferior class. They are in a Rational animal class. By the progress of degeneration, they would be in extinction of this class and they would pass to another inferior class, the class of the irrational animals and from there, they would pass an infinity of inferior classes. So that, by the progress natural and of nature of everyone and of everything, by the progress of degeneration, comes the extinction. Facts natural and of nature.

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