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There exists up there a great plain where the Rationals live, much larger than this world. Like this they live with their progress of purity. Yes, pure, clean, perfect without defects and different from all these beasts. Where then this plain had a part that was not ready to enter in progress. Then some Rationals entering into this part various times in which they were called to attention and that one of these times they did not want to pay attention to the call, they began to progress on their own. This part was still not ready to enter in progress and what resulted there started to deform itself. This part began to become dislocated from the plain and began to descend. Descending until arriving to this conclusion that you are now. In a hole looking up there and not knowing where all this came from.

As this part descended the Rationals began losing their virtues, the virtues are lives that transform themselves into other bodies of life, which gave origin to a focus of light. As they were losing their virtues, the virtues were being gathered. This focus of light became larger each time and began to heat, began to heat even more heating the plain that was descending. As it was heating out of the plain appeared a resin, this resin was the origin of the Earth. Everything was deforming due to the focus of light that kept heating more and more until being deformed into this red-hot ember that is the Sun. The other part of the plain was melting, became soft and became water. The formation of the moon is from the virtues of the resin and the water. Much later came the stars that deformed themselves in to these beings.

Then came the extinction of these bodies those on the resin that had turned to ash, the others on the plain. This is the reason for the two sexes. This is the extinction of their bodies. They transformed themselves into other bodies of life and lost all their virtues, which is now the Rational animal. As the focus of light continued to heat up, the gummy part turned to water over a great expanse and the water penetrating into the ash making it rot begot microbes. The generation of the bodies started, formed by nature herself, bodies different from these. The primitive bodies were different from these that you know; they were small monsters, larger monsters then great monsters.They tried to understand themselves and forcibly they had in time, to come to the understanding this progress among them was none. They did not feed themselves they were fed by nature herself. They spent a great eternity this way deaf and mute later they could hear they spent a great eternity this way. As the voice started to arise they roared and squeaked. In all these eternity's they were Eternal and only the light reigned.

In each of these phases they thought they were doing well and would last forever that way. At that time there existed no plants of any species. The light penetrating heated the deeper parts it was that in this passage that the vegetation began to sprout, it was different because it did not rain. The water and the resin becoming putrid began to form microbes and germs of every species, different from these that you know. Slowly they started to understand each other stammering they understood each other fairly like beasts, without knowing how to explain anything at all of their origin. With the vegetation more flowery, the light hotter and everything becoming more distant from it. With the use of water and dilation of the organs came a desire to eat. Until that time they were Eternal, which was the 16th eternity. You are now in the 21st eternity beginning the third millennium approaching the 22nd eternity of the irrational animal.

For a continuation of the Descent read the book Universe in Disenchantment. For a description of "The End of the classes in Degeneration and Pollution of the Earth" click continue.

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