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(To understand the GRID read the formation of the 7 parts)

We are imprisoned in a Grid with 7 keys: The Sun, Moon ,Stars,Earth, Water, Animal, Vegetable, the seven parts that compose this world.

You are materialized beings by a magnetic power which is the magnetic and electric fluid, which gave the cause and the origin to all the beings. The electric and magnetic fluid is the creator and generator of this world, the true architect of this formation the electric and magnetic conjunct.

You are magnetically materialized beings, because everything that exists there within the hole, is magnetic matter, magnetized matter. Everyone magnetized and magnetizing, for being of this order, of this magnetic way. This is the reason why you could never discover your true origin and the origin of the world, for being magnetic beings, beings by power of the magnetism which is materialized.

For being beings irregular, you could never discover anything of truth about the world and about its formation, generation and creation being beings of this magnetic order the architect of this world. The irrational animals are generated formed and created by this formation. They are under the influence and direction of their architect, which is their base and pure magnetism.

Man is an astrological center. When the Grid destroys the body of the Rational animal it has the capacity to continue generating and creating, because only the Rational has the power that creates the body and other forms of life for the magnetic to enter. It uses the Rational energy of the Rational animal and the Rational animal is not aware of the magnetic irrational use of his energy.

When the Rational animal dies here, he does not know where he is or where he is going. The magnetic takes the Rational energy to create new bodies and new forms of life. The electric and magnetic is a deformed energy which tries to copy the Rational, which is an energy from the origin. The Rational does not know the material field or that it is involved in the formation field. The formation comes unconsciously and is irrational as the electric and magnetic is the consciousness of material.

When the Rational animal links to the Origin and stops thinking the process of transformation and creation stops the magnetic formation. The Rational animal enters the Rational consciousness because the Rational does not think, it Rationalizes. The magnetic energy will do anything to stop that process and therefore be destroyed.

The base of the origin of the Rational animal is the rational plane, your place of origin. You are orientated by the Rational fluid of the Rational plane. Not knowing why you are so and why you live there you are being orientated by a base to which you do not belong. The base of the electric and magnetic. That is the reason why nothing is right in this world. The more you searched for what was right, the more you mistook wrong for right.

You did not know your true base of origin, not knowing why you are so, where you came from, where you are going, and how you are going, for being enchanted by the magnetism you were ignorant of the true base of origin, generation creation and formation. You were completely unknown to the reason for being so. Living within this hole in the electric and magnetic with the life of martyrdom, you are martyred by this fluid, without quietness, disappointed, unbalanced, a true house of crazies the electric and magnetic. The electric and magnetic does not give equilibrium to anyone, and for that the imbalance is great - and the monstrosities occur, caused by the electric and magnetic.

You live in this apparent something, not realizing that everything is nothing and you,. the living creature, remain in this bitter twilight, in this dream of a desperate sufferer, in this dream of tears, in this infernal nightmare thinking an infinity of things and not knowing how to solve your ideal.

For this, the Rational Superior says prove with proof and says all that are linked to this knowledge are linked to the Origin.

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