Universe in Disenchantment
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If the Rational Animal stops thinking, imagining and creating, the world returns to what is was, nothing

When you Rationalize you stop thinking and return to the Origin. Return through the same process you came in through the 21 eternity's. You retake your energy that you left in the Sun when you descended. Return to pure, clean, perfect, Rationals without defects.

The Door to the Origin opened in 1935 when the Rational energy entered on this plain to take the Rational energy back to its origin.

For thousands of years the Door to the Origin has been closed. The Rational Superior came to announce to the Rational Animal that nature is now Rational and the Rational Animal can link to the Origin and Return.

The RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION will be attained with the constancy in the reading of the Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT The living creature as he continues to read, starts feeling its influence by degrees, until integrally immunizing himself. He links to his Origin. An emissary of the owner of the Book, the Rational Superior, accompanies this knowledge to do what is necessary for the reader.

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