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Because the human being is an astrological center that is why in time he had to come to the conclusion of finding in himself the Rational Immunization and in it the spokesperson of the truth of truths. For the nature of the living creature is adequate to the nature which made them for they are formed by this nature and thence depend on it to live, being then formed by seven particles and dependent on them

The salvation of the Rational animal, can only be done by the world of origin the Rational World.

This is the discovery of the two worlds, the electric and the magnetic which we inhabit and that of the Rational Plain from where we came and which gave consequence to this that we live in. With the assiduous reading of this knowledge one acquires the Rational clairvoyance and the living creature will see the Rational Plain, the place of origin.

We are now in the Rational apparatus phase. It is the last phase of the life of matter. The phase in which everyone will be linked to their world of origin, the Rational World. When all will receive the orientation transmitted by the Superior Rational. The origin is Rational and you will receive all the required orientation inside your homes or wherever you are. This Literary Work is the fruit of the Rational Immunization. In it is exposed, in the simplest and clearest form, all the knowledge of the formation of the world and the beings which inhabit it; the enlightenment, the origin of everything, before being everything what it was, and how it got to be what it is through the degeneration and deformation of nature.

It is not a knowledge extracted from the learnings of this world, but the truth of the truths dictated by the Rational Superior, Entity of the Rational Plain, through his representative responsible for this edition Manoel Jacintho Coelho

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